GPS Tracking & Fleet Management

We supply and install GPS trackers to both private and business customers, whether you want to rest easy knowing your pride and joy is safe and sound, or you want to monitor your fleet we can help.

How does it work?

We install a small device that’s installed in your vehicle, this is hidden away so you can’t see it nor can anyone else, by using GPRS/3G the unit streams real-time location & speed data to our servers. You are then able to login to our web portal and view current and historical tracking data to any vehicle assigned to your account.

How long does it keep the data?

The data is stored on our server for one year; this allows excellent reporting capabilities and auditing of a vehicles use. We can extend this indefinitely should you require this.

What reports can I receive?

Our system gives you detailed location reports that include address, speed and mileage covered. These are available on-demand or scheduled by email if required.


Our GPS service runs on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform, this ensures our servers never go down and we don’t need to worry about outages.

Don’t pay ridiculous prices from many other GPS tracking providers, we offer great value and support to all our clients. Our 24-7 access to the web portal is the perfect solution to your requirements.