Intruder Alarm Installations

With the threat of burglaries a reality for homes and businesses alike, don’t wait until the worst happens, protect yourself today with the first line of defence. We specialise in supplying and installing the latest security systems to clients throughout the UK, all our installations are tailor made for your budget, requirements and property.

Don’t like wires?

The days of running cables and causing damage to your property has gone, our systems fully utilize wireless technology, not only does this reduce the impact on yourself it also reduces the time of the installation that saves you money!

Monitored vs. Bells Only

In a recent survey, it’s thought up to 60% of people ignore an intruder alarm going off, so with that in mind would you want to gamble with your money someone gets help before it’s too late?

Our monitored packages start from as little as £99 per year for basic systems, which would be quite possibly be saved on your house insurance alone as most insurers look favourably on monitored alarms.

Hate that feeling of ‘Did I set the alarm when we left the house’ – Worry no more, we can provide the latest systems that allow remote unset/set capabilities.